There is a Political Storm going on in Pakistan and like a true Sportsman PM Imran Khan has decided to play till the last ball, he is pitching to the public of Pakistan with an eye on the next elections. He is not trying to avoid the Inevitable rather he is making the best out of the situation and trying to gain the Sympathy of the People in Pakistan by praising India’s foreign policy.  

So, What led to this situation? Did Imran Khan irk the US or Did he make the PAK army angry? Analyzing the past events and speeches of Imran Khan it seems to appear that he has irked the US which made the Pakistani army very angry.

China is all-weather friends with Pakistan but When it comes to CPEC Pakistan Civil establishment works closely with China rather than the PAK Army, Whereas the PAK Army enjoys a good relationship with the US as the US was the source of Income for the Army officials for the very least till Afghan war. 

A snub from Biden was the first hint that the Civil Government is trying to make its foreign policy more China-centric and the tussle between the Pak army and Imran Khan Started. Coming back to the recent events Comments made by Imran Khan complementing  Indian foreign Policy  also implies that ” He Wanted more freedom to design his own foreign policy without any interference from the Army.” Since he can’t blame the army directly he is scapegoating the US.  

To top it all, the remarks delivered by Gen Bajwa yesterday condemning Russia’s Military operation in Ukraine are a testament that Pak Army Wants to  Sit on Uncle SAM’s Lap again.

How is this Political Instability in Pakistan going to affect India?  

IND-US Relationship

 Right Now the USA  is frustrated with the Indian Stand on Russia’s Military Operation in Ukraine. Comments from President Biden like ” India’s response has been somewhat Shaky.”  and Daleep Singh’s threats over India buying oil from Russia and setting up an alternate paying method did not help the situation. Although Dr. Jai Shankar Exposed the hypocrisy of the west in the very same meeting. 

Since the whole  Russia Ukraine episode started the west is on the campaign  “Either our way or the Highway.”  pressuring neutral countries like India to Pick a Side. How Much this will impact India’s Social-Economical- Defense relations with the US can’t be said right now but Pakistan has just given up its political autonomy, so we can expect a reviving US-PAK relationship.

 IND-CHINA Relationship  

China Chose a bad friend that also is gloomy. The first thing the Chinese know by now is that investment in CPEC and Gwadar Port will not yield. Second, Pakistan itself does not want stability, they just want to Swing between the US and China, Can’t say to what extent but the chineses will definitely be feeling used. 

Ind- china’s relationship is in a very difficult phase. Upon his surprise visit to India Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi insisted on having normal relations with India. India’s foreign Minister responded that both countries can only have a normal relationship if all is normal at LAC. As a result, a reciprocal meeting has been already scheduled  Where India’s foreign minister will be visiting Beijing. So, We can say that we will see Normal relations with China in the coming future. 

India is putting its national interest first and everything Second, This is the right policy for India and India Should open the third block around the world and lead the way for those countries who don’t want to fight someone else’s war

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